Steam peeler

The steam peeler serves the purpose of efficiently peeling potatoes. The process involves placing the potatoes inside the peeler tank, where high-pressure steam is introduced for a specific duration. Thanks to the elevated pressure and temperature of the steam, the starch beneath the potato peel undergoes a reaction, resulting in the complete separation of the peel from the potato's surface.
The performance of a steam peeler is noteworthy for its minimal waste generation, approaching zero. Consequently, this type of peeler is often employed in high-capacity operations. Achieving correct and thorough potato peeling depends on several factors, including the even distribution of steam, the tank's rotation, and the method of steam injection.
Beyond these considerations, the tank's design, the precise timing of steam inlet and outlet, and the correct functioning of the peeler's door are all essential aspects that have been meticulously addressed by the designers at our company.