Flavor sprinkler

In today's world, with the diverse tastes of people worldwide and the high demand for products, the industry has been driven to produce machines that add flavor to final products in order to cater to global preferences. Zagros Tav Machine Company continually strives to create top-quality machines, aligning with modern European techniques, to address the full spectrum of flavors in the market.

One challenge that production managers frequently encounter is the issue of residual flavor and product inside the flavoring drum. These remnants often get trapped in the welded seams of the drum's steps, making it difficult to clean and resulting in spoilage and the accumulation of microbes in these areas. To tackle this problem, our company has designed the steps within the drum in a bent manner, ensuring there are no crevices for flavors to settle in. Another common problem with flavoring machines lies in the transfer and spraying part (feeder). Sticky flavors such as cheese and ketchup often encounter issues in the flavor tank, causing problems with proper transfer.

Zagros Tav Machine has designed improved feeders using modern knowledge to help customers produce consistently flavored products.