Roasters are essentially industrial dryers that generate hot air at higher temperatures to remove more moisture from the product and create a crispy end product.
One of the factors contributing to food spoilage is the presence of water and moisture within food items. By reducing this moisture content, the shelf life of food products can be significantly extended. Additionally, aside from the advantage of moisture reduction, food products acquire a distinct and improved taste. This task is accomplished by an industrial roaster equipment. When food enters the roaster, it undergoes a controlled reduction in moisture content over a specific period, resulting in a pleasant and delicious taste after roasting.
In essence, roasters consist of a heated chamber through which the product is conveyed on a conveyor belt. The roaster equipment has two key parameters that vary according to the specific product: temperature and time. The temperature is generated by a burner or element in a separate compartment or chamber, and it is then blown by fans within the roaster to the moving product inside the roaster cabin. The transfer and movement of the product are managed by conveyors and belts within the roaster machine. The dimensions of the roaster depend on two factors, the processing capacity and the required roasting time. The longer the processing time for a product, the larger the roaster will be.

In the design of roasters, there are critical parameters that, when strictly adhered to and implemented, result in a high-quality and approved final product. These include temperature control, uniform circulation of hot air, timely removal of moisture from within the roaster cabin, and the regular and even movement of the product. Furthermore, the Zagros Tav Machine Company has designed roasters with separate thermal zones, allowing for the creation and distribution of different temperatures at various stages of processing. This feature empowers factory operators and production managers to efficiently produce products of the desired quality. Our company, with the expertise of its workforce, has designed and constructed roasters using the latest innovative technologies for heat distribution, ensuring uniform temperature throughout the entire process, in order to achieve the best results for you.