Brushing machine

The brushing machine is comprised of multiple rollers equipped with brushes, arranged in a U-shape and positioned in parallel to one another. This machine is employed to polish and clean various products like carrots, eggplants, potatoes, and more. The coarseness of the brushes can be adjusted according to the type of product and its specific application.

One key application of the brushing machine is in finalizing the peeling process following steam peeling, particularly in production lines for items like French fries, sauce, puree, and more. When potatoes are taken out of the steamer, they may still have traces of peel remaining. By allowing the potatoes to come into contact with the brushes, the peel is completely removed, leaving the potatoes ready to proceed through the production line.

It is crucial to select brushes with the appropriate softness and coarseness to ensure thorough cleaning without causing scratches or irregularities on the potato's surface. Furthermore, the inclusion of a trowel parallel to the brushes enables control over the duration that each potato spends on the brushes. The machine's specialized design not only reduces wear and tear but also facilitates easy replacement and assembly of the rollers.