The hydrocutter is a fundamental requirement for minimizing waste and optimizing the use of raw materials. It involves cutting potatoes using a hydrocutting machine. Hydrocutting, or water flow cutting, is a technique in which potatoes are placed inside a tube filled with water, and with the help of a high-powered centrifugal pump, they are propelled at high water pressure through the blades of the cutter at high speed, resulting in precise cutting. The French fries produced using this method are exceptionally smooth and free from scratches. The design and operation of this equipment enable the potatoes to move lengthwise within the hydrocutting tube, ensuring maximum length cuts. Furthermore, the use of water flow in the cutting process leads to the separation of more starch and sugar from the potatoes, making it a significant advantage for high-capacity French fries production lines. The blade blocks, with sizes of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm, can be changed to accommodate different cutting preferences.