The fryer is another crucial and pivotal machine in the production and processing of French fries, responsible for the final processing stage of potatoes. After the drying process, the potatoes are consistently and uniformly introduced into the fryer, where they are immersed in hot oil at a temperature of approximately 170 degrees Celsius, and the final cooking process takes place, lasting for a period of 60 to 90 seconds. The time a potato spends in the fryer depends on its type, and the frying time is adjusted accordingly. One of the significant factors in the fryer's design that impacts product quality is maintaining the stability of the hot oil temperature. As low-temperature potatoes are introduced into the initial third of the fryer, there is a sudden drop in the oil temperature, which must be swiftly compensated for, and the temperature difference (Δt) throughout the fryer needs to be minimized. The precise design of the oil heating system, as well as the inlet, outlet, and circulation of oil, is essential to stabilize the oil temperature across all parts of the fryer. Another critical aspect of this equipment is the filtration of potato waste in the oil. This process prevents burning, off-tastes, and the production of acrylamide, a carcinogenic substance, which can result in the spoilage and contamination of the oil. Zagros Tav Machine company delivers high-quality equipment to its customers by meticulously adhering to all the essential and vital considerations in the design of the fryer.

Zagros Tav Machine designs and manufactures a range of automatic fryers tailored to handle products such as semi-prepared frozen potatoes (French fries), potato chips, peanuts, seed kernels, pellets, snacks, and more, with customizable capacities.