Popcorn line

Among corn derivatives, popcorn stands out as one of the healthiest processed products. This is attributed to its lower usage of oil and a reduced presence of harmful compounds. As a result, the production of popcorn and the industrial machines used for popcorn production have garnered significant attention from the food industry.

In various parts of the world, corn is recognized as a fundamental product in both industry and the economy. Extensive research in this field has identified corn as a highly profitable agricultural product. Given its unique properties, whether in agriculture or other industries, the production of corn, particularly with high capacity, has always been a focal point.

Corn originates from the Americas and boasts valuable nutrients with suitable compounds, including high-energy fiber. One of the most popular and export-oriented lines in the food industry is the bulk corn-based popcorn production line. This comprehensive production line includes equipment for transport, corn processing, separation, flavoring, and packaging. Popcorn products are available in a variety of flavors, such as sour, vinegar, salty, peppery, cheese, and pizza.

In addition to the many nutritional properties of corn, experts are also investigating its potential medicinal benefits. Corn comes in various types and breeds, making it crucial to select the right type for popcorn production. Although corn is not widely cultivated in Iran, imported corn from countries like Argentina and Brazil is used. Brazilian corn is known for its superior quality when it comes to popcorn production.

Corn exhibits different genetic and structural models. Notable varieties include flour corn, popcorn corn, chipmunk corn, crystal corn, sweet corn, wax corn, puffed corn, and striped corn. Popcorn production requires the use of special corn varieties that have the ability to expand and create the beloved popcorn product.

Types of popcorn

In terms of appearance, the corns used in this industry are divided into two categories:

  • Mushroom corn
  • Butterfly corn

Mushroom corn undergoes expansion and takes on a spherical shape when heated during the production process. Similarly, butterfly corn experiences expansion and acquires an irregular shape when heated during the production process, unlike the regular popcorn available in the market.

A survey of corn-producing countries indicates that there is a need for more efforts in our country to enhance both the quantity and quality of this product. This would not only cater to domestic demand but also potentially open avenues for exporting this product.

انواع پاپ کرن

Construction of the Popcorn Production Line

Zagros Tav Machine Company, a manufacturer of food industry machines, specializes in designing and producing complete popcorn production lines, from start to finish. This involves the expertise of engineers with specific knowledge in the food industry. The company operates nationwide in Iran and focuses on designing, manufacturing, and installing full production lines, as well as upgrading factories and creating specialized machines for popcorn production lines using the latest information and technology available. In addition to delivering the necessary machines, we offer you access to the latest technologies and techniques.

Each food industry line, including the popcorn production line, is custom-designed by Zagros Tav Machine Company to meet your specific needs. The production process begins with the initial storage in corn tanks. The corn is then introduced into the popcorn production line. It is conveyed to the popper machine through a screw conveyor (where maintaining the appropriate heat during the popping stage is crucial) and is transformed into popcorn. Within the popper machine, the corn is processed to separate the popcorn from unopened kernels, ultimately creating the finished product. The popcorn is then moved to the flavoring machine for the addition of desired flavors. One of the most critical components of this production line is the popper machine. Zagros Tav Machine Company's research and development team has thoroughly evaluated the machines in the production process to optimize the popcorn production line, offering capacities ranging from 20 kg to 300 kg per hour, all designed to meet high-quality standards.

The layout of the popcorn line designed by Zagros Tav Machine Company is as follows:

  • Hopper and screw conveyor
  • Bulking equipment
  • Grain picker
  • Flavoring machine


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