Longitudinal sorter

Due to the potato's geometrical shape, when it goes through the cutter, the corners of the potato have less length and thickness than other cuts. To separate the potato slices effectively, two types of sorters are employed in the French fries processing line. One sorter separates the potato slices based on their length, while the other focuses on their thickness.
The longitudinal sorter consists of perforated plates that are powered by a vibration motor or crank motor to move the potatoes forward. The holes in these plates are designed in a way that allows potatoes with shorter lengths to fall down and exit the production cycle, while the potatoes with longer lengths pass through and continue to the next stages of production.
The plates can be easily separated and installed to grade the product with different lengths. Moreover, the special design of this sorter ensures the smooth and regular movement of potatoes while enduring multiple shocks through vibration, minimizing wear and tear.