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Potato chips are among the most diverse products in the food industry, offering a profitable avenue for food producers. Producing high-quality chips requires specialized machinery and in-depth knowledge due to the extensive variety of this product and the wide range of options available in the market. In the Iranian market, potato chips are highly competitive, with companies striving to secure a larger market share by introducing new shapes and flavors in attractively packaged products with extensive advertising. Consequently, new products must exhibit high quality and the capability to compete with established brands.

To produce a high-quality product that can be marketed globally, it is essential to use top-grade raw materials suitable for processing, advanced machinery, and cutting-edge technology, while ensuring full compliance with international standards. Meeting these criteria is crucial for producing a product that can succeed in global markets.

With the objective of establishing an economic method adhering to global standards, the managers at Zagros Tav Machine Company have harnessed their expertise by employing specialists for design and manufacturing within Iran. They have developed comprehensive plans and gathered detailed insights on how to produce potato chips, considering the diverse potato varieties available in Iran, and offer top-quality potato chips production machines.

اسلایسر سیب زمینی

Production Quality of the Production Line

Zagros Tav Machine Company introduces a fully-automatic potato chips design and manufacturing line machine featuring new and innovative technologies in Iran, coupled with the finest materials and the most up-to-date techniques. With a unique design for the potato chips production line machine, Zagros Tav Machine aims to empower potato chips producers to create a wide variety of chips while ensuring consistent product quality. The key factors for all types of potato chips include:

  • Crispiness of the chips
  • Uniform size of each potato chips
  • Adherence to standard oil limits
  • Excellent taste and freshness of potato chips

The Chip Production Process

The process of producing potato chips begins with the sorting of potatoes in the raw materials warehouse. The potatoes are first cleaned in a washing machine before being transferred to an abrasive peeling machine for peeling. The peeled potatoes are placed on an inspection conveyor to separate any damaged or bruised potatoes from entering the potato chips production line. After passing through this stage, the peeled potatoes are transferred to a slicer machine for slicing the potatoes into chips.

In the slicer machine, the potato is precisely sliced to a predetermined thickness, and it goes through a starch collector to collect any starch generated during the cutting process. After the excess potato starch is removed, the potatoes are passed through a blancher machine at a specific speed and temperature to deactivate enzymes and enhance the quality of the chips. The blancher machine is a critical and indispensable component in determining the final product quality.

Subsequently, the moisture content of the sliced potatoes is reduced in a dehydrator, preparing them for the frying process. The temperature of the frying oil, the duration for which the potatoes pass through the fryer, the system for introducing and extracting hot oil, the circulation and temperature stabilization of the oil are all crucial parameters in the design and construction of the fryer. These factors are essential to ensure the final product meets the necessary quality standards to compete effectively with other manufacturers. Once the potato chips are produced by the fryer, they are placed on an inspection conveyor for a final check, where any potential waste is manually removed. The chips are then ready for flavoring.

Chips flavoring

At this stage, the chips enter the flavoring equipment and are flavored depending on the needs of the market. Flavors include:

  • Salty chips
  • Pepper chips
  • Black pepper chips
  • Parsley and onion chips
  • Salted vinegar chips
  • Ketchup chips
  • Pizza chips
  • Lemon chips

And other flavors.

After the flavoring machine, the chips are packed by the packaging machine in different weights.

تولید چیپس نمکی
The machine arrangement of the potato chips production and processing line of Zagros Tav Machine Company is as follows:
  • Sorting
  • Conveyor and transfer lifts
  • Storage hoppers
  • Washing
  • Elevator
  • Abrasion peeler
  • Review roller conveyor
  • Elevator
  • Slicer
  • Starch collector
  • Blancher
  • water extractor
  • Fryer
  • Review conveyor
  • Elevator
  • Flavor spray

Zagros Tov Machine expert team

Zagros Tav Machine Company's potato chips line machines empower you to produce high-quality potato chips with a variety of flavors. These machines are meticulously engineered and optimized for efficiency, and their user-friendly design ensures that you can easily create top-notch products.
To produce premium potato chips, it's crucial to possess the technical knowledge for production and have access to specialized machinery tailored for the potato chips manufacturing process. Zagros Tav Machine Company, drawing upon a decade of valuable experience and expertise in establishing and upgrading large food factory production lines, as well as leveraging the world's best technologies, offers you state-of-the-art machines and cutting-edge technologies.

At Zagros Tav Machine Company, we not only boast a team of skilled professionals in our engineering units who are dedicated to providing the best solutions using their extensive engineering and design knowledge in Iran, but we also have a dedicated research and development (R&D) unit. This R&D unit is committed to advancing alongside global industry growth and propelling Iran's industry closer to the world's most advanced industrial sectors, contributing to the progress and pride of our beloved country, Iran.

Our company complies with all the accepted standards in Iran. With unwavering commitment and expertise, we endeavor to establish exemplary industrial units for you. Your success is our success, and we stand with you every step of the way to achieve that success.

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