Potato sorter

The use of high-quality and suitable raw materials in the production and processing of food industry products is one of the crucial factors influencing their quality. Furthermore, the size and dimensions of raw materials used in product processing play a vital role in minimizing waste and ensuring the right shape and appearance, making the products more attractive and visually appealing. Since many raw materials vary in size, it's necessary to sort them before they enter the production lines. Sorters are designed and manufactured in accordance with the type of product, considering material, weight, and appearance. Sorters can be broadly categorized into two main groups: mechanical and electronic, and each category includes different models.

1 – Mechanical sorters
    • Drum
    • Strip
    • Roller
    • Vibrato
2 – Electronic sorters
    • Image processing with the camera
    • Laser

Potatoes are a primary raw material used in the processing of products such as French fries, potato chips, flakes, puree, and more, and they need to be sorted before entering the French fries production line.

Potatoes brought to the processing facility for the production of semi-prepared frozen potato products come in varying sizes and often carry mud and soil. To minimize waste in the French fries production and processing line, it is essential to remove small potatoes from the production system. The task of separating and sieving small potatoes from larger ones is performed by a sorting machine. The sorting machine manufactured by this company not only effectively separates potatoes of different sizes but also removes mud and soil, directing them out through a separate outlet. Once sorted, the potatoes are ready to enter the production line for further processing into French fries.